We meet the preached-about, Bible-informed version of God in rows on Sunday. But we meet a much more personal version of God in the circles of a small group. 

In a small group, faith changes from a noun to a verb, and God changes from a 'nice-to-have’ to a ’need-to-have’, as small group members get involved in each other’s lives.


At The Rock we've noticed FIVE THINGS that seem to be a common thread in most people’s lives:

  • practical teaching (exposure to the Bible & relevant preaching)
  • providential relationships (people who seem placed in our path by God)
  • private disciplines (daily routines like prayer & quiet time)
  • personal ministry (serving others)
  • pivotal circumstances (major life events - good or bad)

A look at this list reveals why groups are so necessary: all of the things God uses to grow our faith are experienced or encouraged in the context of a small group.

The potential of a Life Group is best reached when that group puts hands and feet to the faith they talk about when they gather. It’s when they take meals to a hurting widow, or help a single mom move to a new apartment, or speak wisdom to someone on the verge of making a bad decision.  

God uses other people to grow us. And he uses us to grow other people.