our Mission

The Rock Church is committed to helping people Know God, Find Freedom, Discover Purpose, and Make a Difference.

Our model of ministry


KNOW GOD - This is where the journey starts!  Every man, woman and child has the opportunity to invite Jesus to be the Leader of their lives and the Forgiver of their sins.

FIND FREEDOM - Freedom happens when people can find a place where they feel comfortable to be themselves.  In The Rock's Life Groups participants learn to connect deeply with one another, to protect each other and to grow together. 

DISCOVER PURPOSE - This is where we implement our Growth Track. The Rock's Growth Track exists to help you discover and develop your purpose and live the life God created for you.  The Growth Track is made up of four steps: 

  1. Become a member
  2. Discover My Design
  3. Develop My Leadership
  4. Join the Team

MAKE A DIFFERENCE - This is where "Rockers" are part of a Dream Team, fully engaging in service to the local church, the surrounding community or even the world!